Discover The Secrets To Lessen Your Stress And Keep Your Sanity While You’re Waiting To Adopt -  All Within 48 Hours

Dear Friend:

My name is Drew Elizabeth, and I am an adoptive mom.  If you are playing the waiting game right now, I know exactly what you are experiencing, and my heart goes out to you.

Do you have adoption stress?

Have you finally completed your paperwork, home studies and interviews for adoption and are now waiting for that telephone call that will change your life forever?

Are you fearful that you will never become a mom or dad?

Do you feel that you can do more to stack the odds in your favor but don’t exactly what to do?

What Are The Best Things To Do While Waiting To Adopt?

Let’s face it, this wait period can be exhausting and very stressful.  For many, it is almost unbearable.  Trust me, I’ve been there, I have experienced just about every emotion there is. But I have good news for you.  Finally there’s a way to cope and take back control of your life!!


Adoption Waiting Game

If you are interested in learning how to successfully cope with the wait period, then this is going to be the most important information you’ll need right now…

It all started when I discovered that there was a huge hole in the adoption process.

Everywhere I looked, there was a lot of information about how to adopt, how to parent a child and everything in between.  But, there was very little about the actual waiting period of adoption and the resulting adoption stress.

In an attempt to prevent others from experiencing what I suffered while waiting for my daughter, I decided to reveal what I did and what I could have done differently.  Also, I decided to actually interview successful adoptive moms and dads to see what they did and how they could have handled things differently, too.   What I learned from this eye-opening project was just too important to keep to myself.

The practical, sage advice and incredible gems of wisdom from successful moms and dads are contained on the pages of my new book – The Adoption Waiting Game.  In simple, refreshing language, I reveal twenty-one shockingly simple suggestions and tips that waiting adoptive parents can implement immediately to take control again.  In today’s world, everyone is very busy, so I wanted to reflect this by making the book super easy to read, super compact (69 pages), and super easy to implement right away.

Let’s take a little peek and see what this book contains.  It will help you to efffectively:

  • Funnel your nervous energy into positive activities
  • Discover three activities you can do today to increase your odds of adopting faster
  • How you can prevent this one major problem that threatens the relationship of many waiting couples
  • Understand why it may be difficult to prepare emotionally and physically for your new child
  • And much, much more…..

Also, to encourage and give hope to waiting couples, I am honored  to share my own adoption journey with you.  My experience will prove that hope and the human spirit can triumph over any temporary disappointment or setback.

Adoption Waiting Game



Wishing you great success,